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50 Greatest Bluegrass Albums Made by Women | The Bluegrass Situation

You know we are going to grow up and be the next bluegrass stars," she explained. You can see Eliza's face light up when you ask her to play and mention anything about this genre of music. I think it is one of the best thing I've ever done in my life," she said. Black Friday deals shopping guide. Taylor Swift's AMAs performance to move forward amid former label feud. Durham wreck to impact Monday commute for some.

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A Bluegrass Girl: And Other Horse Stories for Girls - eBook

The genre come a long way since then, she says. Out of this small pond of people, it was surprising to them.

Here was a woman who really blew out the boundaries for the music and really expanded the potential for the music and brought in new listeners. Aside from releasing a stellar solo album in , Bradley also formed up the all-female bluegrass supergroup Sister Sadie, with four close friends.

She tours with famed bluegrass band The Grascals, won the IBMA Banjo Player of the Year award four times, and her new solo album, Stringworks , opens with a nuclear banjo solo played at top speed. Melody Walker Lead singer and songwriter for progressive bluegrass band Front Country, Melody Walker is an outspoken force in bluegrass.

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She routinely calls out the sexism, racism and injustice she sees in the world, a difficult thing to do in an industry still run by many conservative elements. That revolution fostered this new generation of pickers that have grown up largely up encumbered by past limitations. We still encounter echoes of the past, but as we grow and the next generation of young players comes along, we all become an integral part of the industry and change it from within.

We are starting to have some much more open and radical conversations within the IBMA about breaking those next barriers of inclusivity, and making sure LGBT and people of color are included, and that even more political and musical viewpoints are welcome.

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Now living in Nashville, she moved to the city on the cusp of motherhood, something that can be a difficult prospect for touring musicians. Women need to invest in themselves, hustle for gigs, network, and do the work of forming bands and cultivating their own talents if they would like to be taken seriously. The industry pretty much always rewards women who do these things.